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Helping You Heal And Transform Your Life

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Hi, I am Smriti, and welcome to my corner of the internet. I am going to share my journey with you. Since I was a child, I have been a gifted clairvoyant and claircognizant. I am an old soul who enjoys travel, music, meditation, yoga, dogs, and spending time with my family and friends. I am also a GIA graduate and a Harvard graduate in esoteric research.


I have always had an acute sense of awakening and purpose since I was very young. I would often help people now and then after realizing that I was a medium. Though I had been doing this for the last 10 years, it was only in 2020 during the pandemic that I started my own journey. This was a time of pain, confusion, and sadness for all of us and a lot of people were reaching out to me for guidance and help. I wanted to help them and this is how Keyss by Smriti was born.


I believe that the purpose of my life is to help more people transform their lives and find their reason for living. As much as my work focuses on healing your life through different modalities like tarot reading, reiki healing, numerology, lithomancy, and more, I also work with my clients on helping them love themselves first and find the healing transformation within themselves.


I hope as you are joining me in this journey, you can go through these transformations yourself and live a more meaningful life.

"Open ears, Open Mind, and Open Heart"

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A tarot reading might be the way to go and answer your most burning questions!โฃโฃ
Find out what the future holds for you with a tarot reading by us

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A type of Cartomancy, Tarot is the practice of gaining wisdom about one’s future. It is one of the most commonly recognized divinatory arts in the world.  We at Keyss by Smriti offer this practice with the help of different Tarot card decks from across the globe. Through the power of Tarot we can also create protective and healing amulets as per your needs.


Lithomancy or Stone Divination is the art of predicting the future using stones or the light reflected by the stones as your medium. The stones represent different aspects of your life and help gain insight into possible future outcomes. Lithomancy has helped hundreds of our clients shape a life they truly desire.


Numerology is a form of Divination that deals with the relationship between numbers and personality traits, events and circumstances. While it helps decode one’s personality and imparts healing, it also helps predicting the future by analyzing the past. At Keyss by Smriti, we help our clients navigate their personal numerology and help them grow in every aspect of life successfully.


A form of energy healing, the ancient art of Reiki comes from the island nation of Japan. Reiki comes from ‘Rei’ meaning soul or spirit and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘vital energy’ and is considered to be a form of alternate medicine. It primarily works on the principle of ‘life force’ - the core energy which causes us to be alive. Through the hands-on or palm method, our Reiki healers help transfer this energy and provide emotional along with physical healing to our clients.

Tarot Cards

If you want to make sense of what’s going on in your life, I’d definitely recommend a session with Smriti!

Had a really good Tarot session and I’m also going to be attending her New Moon and Full Moon rituals moving forward

Thank you

Vishwani Marwah

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