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Tarot Reading in 2023: Keyss by Smriti

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

In the words of Philippe St Genoux, “Tarot doesn`t predict the future. Tarot facilitates it.”

And with this, I become the facilitator who helps you get in touch with your truest self.

Welcome to Keyss by Smriti, a space where we celebrate the magick of the individual and work together to realise our own true self. I started this journey a decade ago to help as many people as I can and guide them on the path of healing. Tarot cards were one of the first things I learnt and for which I am known. Yet I see that there are so many misconceptions, myths and doubts around tarot cards and the subjects of healing, spirituality, numerology, etc. Through my website and my social media accounts, I want to help you understand all about the Universe and the spiritual world for a happier and fuller life.

Let’s start with….

What is Tarot reading?

A tarot reading is done using a deck of tarot cards, each of which hold a significant meaning. Tarots can not only answer in-depth and elaborate questions but also offer guidance, hints and directions to resolve issues and get to where they need to be.

When you do a tarot reading session with me, I would ask you specific questions. Then I would use my intuition, along with numerology and signature analysis, as well as what the cards are trying to say to share the right message and guidance for you. You can ask any questions you have and I would be answering them for you as well as provide remedies.

Tarot card reading depends on energies, auras, frequencies and vibrations and they can provide definitive insight into the future, the present as well as the past.

How can Tarot Reading help you?

Tarot cards are tools that help you get an insight into your life and make it better with guidance from the Universe.

The benefits of tarot cards can be as follows:

~ Get solutions to problems

~ Gives a clear perspective on your life

~ Find answers to important questions

~ Gives a glimpse of the future

~ Helps with relationships

~ Makes your decision-making process easier

When should you get a tarot card reading?

There are no rules in place for you to take or not take a tarot card reading session. However, if you are dealing with health issues, or relationship issues, don’t know where to go next in life or just want answers to your questions, you can consider a tarot card reading session with an expert reader. You can also reach out to me and book my sessions here,

Does the tarot reading have to be in person?

Tarot reading can be done both online and offline. I offer my clients both the options. Depending on where you live, online sessions may be just what you need. Whether you book an online or an offline session, the benefits of the tarot cards remain the same. The only reason for you to not get a reading is if you are only interested in someone else and not in improving yourself, you are seeking medical advice or you do not believe in the cards or the Universe.

How can I book a session with you?

You can book a session directly with me through my bookings page here -

I hope this is your best year yet! For more questions related to tarot, numerology and more, keep following me on Instagram.

Love and Light

-Smriti Ganeriwal

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